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Perilla has been an exercise in listening to the existing bones of the building, exposing, uncovering and curating materials in to a raw palette. Original terrazzo floors and cross braced timber ceilings were uncovered. Plaster and brick walls complement the space and create natural different ambient light levels.

Our furniture pieces have been developed with local furniture craftsmen in Norfolk with some pieces sourced from Rockett St George, Mongers of Hingham and English Salvage. A sense of thriftiness and community was nurtured in sourcing pieces on eBay and calling in favours from friends and family. The sense of warmth and humbleness involved in the process of making this space will hopefully be apparent through in its execution of matte, textural dining.

Just as the food responds to seasons and provenance, so we have tried to create simplicity using found materials that are inherently human in scale and texture.

Photography © Mariell Lind Hansen

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