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Parsons is a small 32 cover seafood restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden. It offers a wide range of seafood, shellfish, freshly landed fish, as well as more classic fish dishes inspired from the British Isles and beyond.

The restaurant sits within a tight existing terraced building with a small wooden shopfront. Inspiration for the project came from small traditional British fishmongers and oyster bars. Tiling was used throughout from floor to ceiling along with heavily waxed leathers for the seating to soften. The menu showing the days catch is written on the tiling giving it and informal and playful touch. A central dispense bar forms the focal point of the restaurant which provides cold white wines to accompany the delectable dishes. Sashes windows with small fold-down tables were incorporated on the front facade to help the restaurant spill out onto the street in the summer months.

Photography © Billy Bolton

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