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From the outset food innovators, James and Sam wanted, for Magpie, to challenge the standard restaurant setup and serve a changing menu of eccentric British food on small plates, dim-sum style via trolley tables.
This formed the starting point for the design along with the want to reflect a classic Californian finesse inspired by previous escapades to the West Coast, in particular, San Fransisco.
Their eclectic and experimental yet refined cooking style was reflected in the material palette chosen for the construction of the project with a combination of burnt timber paneling (inspired by Japanese Shou Sugi Ban), raw linen wall coverings, soft blue Italian slate surfaces, and unfinished plaster wall finishes.
Minimalist and understated detailing was implemented throughout to create an environment where the food does the talking.

Photography © Mariell Lind Hansen

Magpie Mariell Hansen10
Magpie Mariell Hansen1
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Magpie Mariell Hansen1