Lûz 2.0



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Designed in conjunction with StructureMode and Weber Industries, Lûz is a six metre high clear pyramid made up of twenty seven 30mm thick reciprocal Plexiglass modules. As the name suggests Lûz (Spanish for light) is dedicated to the celebration of light.
From a distance, it is an ethereal acrylic structure blurring the lines between horizon and sky. Inside it is an intricate composition of clear triangular patterns. The structural geometry is echoed on each face combining to form one harmonious singularity.
Participants interact with the structure from the moment they enter Lûz as their reflections are incorporated into the acrylic and then refracted amongst the members.
Lûz distorts those reflections further by changing the light spectrum revealing new geometric landscapes. This makes the viewer part of a dynamic experience, taking them on a journey owing seamlessly from one composition into the next.

Luz Dustin Wong Photography19
Luz Dustin Wong Photography12
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