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This handsome former Spitalfields townhouse was taken over by the team behind Gunpowder with a view to creating a setting befitting their new concept. Gul & Sepoytalks of a love story between a humble Indian army soldier (Sepoy) and a courtesan princess of the Raj.
The food offering was two side by side menus, one humble rustic peasant food, the other decadent banquet food befitting the cuisines of the two characters. Our fit out aimed to continue this story in creating a narrative of a Ground Floor barracks with a boudoir above it housing First Floor dining.
At Ground Floor level we created a paired back aesthetic reusing cast brass light fittings, slate external flooring and upcycling a reclaimed 1920s reclaimed shop counter as the main bar. The concrete staircase, which echoes Mumbai hallways leads you to the more intimate First Floor dining room; underlit, domestic in scale within snug banquettes based on park benches found in old Bombay. The refurbished upper floors house the Gunpowder head offices and a roof garden supplying fresh herbs and chillies for use in the main restaurant.

Photography © Mariell Lind Hansen

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