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More often than not a London refurb begins with a lengthy process of archaeology and excavation, willing to life a building that has been overboarded for decades, made to wear forms that don’t fit quite right. On this occasion the skins of refurbs past fell away quickly to reveal the expected original proportions and clean lines we desired.

Anglo Italian is the story of a friendship and shared creative outlet of Jake Grantham and Alex Pirounis and from our early discussions it became apparent how their characters and passions formed a sweet spot around the curation of the brand. It was in the study of this friendship over glasses of wine and trips to Puglia the subtle duality of the space came to be. Humour, brave moments of levity and steadfast subservience to traditional details all found a common home within the shop floor. In creating a clean palette verging on overly pale there was an educated risk in that the final density and textures of the suiting and tropical flora would balance the space out on opening day yet retaining the floods of natural light. Our references were found in tailored cinema shots, feminine Fifties interiors and bleached Italian seaside postcards. We hope this is a space Jake and Alex can grow in to and forms a vessel through which to reflect their personalities, ebbing and flowing through seasons of tailoring as of yet unimagined.

Photography © Mariell Lind Hansen

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