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This wedding altar is a play on the traditional notion of a spire and the contemporary form was designed as a reflection of prominance and importance for the occasion.
Architecturally the spire is a detail which is found from many different backgrounds and is often seen forming the highest point of many buildings of importance both religious and non-religious from architectural styles including Ancient, Classical, Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Asian, Islamic, Renaissance as well as many modern buildings found today. Churches, cathedrals, mosque’s, temples, monasteries, shrines, chapels and generally places of great importance, worship and celebration often have spires in some shape or form.
Historically spires also hold a great deal of symbology. The first is celestial, to reach up toward the skies and whilst the couple are both non religious, celestial prominence and importance is actually an atheist belief. Symbolically the spire is also reminiscent of a spear point which traditionally is a representation of strength, power, hope, wealth and prestige and this is again found globally from many different cultures and backgrounds.

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